Personal or Small Business

Small Hamster Hosting is a web hosting business that is easy, cheap, and plenty fast enough to run your website.
Whether you’re a simple person that’s just interested running a simple blog that talks about your favorite hobbies and interests or maybe you want start up a blog that serves as a portfolio for your photography, we have you covered.
Do you happen to be a small business that needs a place to demo your services or products to consumers? Look no further, we have the horsepower and the skills to drive your web hosting needs to first place.


We pride ourselves in knowing that our customers can sit back and enjoy their coffee while they work. Not on the phone figuring out what’s going with their website while losing money on lost potential customers. Trust us when we say we have very common interests and goals.


Speed is key to having a very effective website. We know you hate waiting on stuff to load, because we hate it too. And we’re bred to wait. That’s all we live for, but we hate it with a passion. We can just imagine how you feel. So we naturally keep our servers maintained and updated.


You’re browsing somewhere to host a website, obviously in hopes to help raise profits. You need money and we need money too. But we’re a small business like you, so we understand the struggles, the nightmares, and the stress of having a very tight budget, so we realize that we don’t need your whole paycheck.