He Says He Is His Fathers Son. The Celtics made good use of the fact that the Los Angeles Lakers had exhausted the St. Louis Hawks in a long seven-game Western Conference Finals,[76] and Boston won the 1961 NBA Finals in five games. [121] In addition, Russell ran into financial trouble. [61] He alienated Celtics fans by saying: "You owe the public the same it owes you, nothing! On August 11, 2022, the NBA announced the retirement of Russell's No. Bill Russell's selection to the Basketball Hall of Fame for his coaching career was announced on May 16, 2021. [159][160] In 2007, he was voted the third best center of all-time by ESPN behind Abdul-Jabbar and Chamberlain. On May 6, 1999, the Celtics re-retired Russell's jersey in a ceremony attended by his on-court rival and friend Chamberlain, along with Celtics legend Larry Bird and Hall of Famer Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Chamberlain outscored Russell by 81 points in the series, but the Celtics walked off with a 42 series win. 1 in NBA history for defensive win shares at 133.6, with Tim Duncan in second at 106.3. In the fall of 1952, he tried out as a walk-on at the University of San Francisco and earned a scholarship. [99] Third choice Tom Heinsohn also said no because he did not think he could handle the often surly Russell,[99] whom he proposed as a player-coach. Following the 1966 season, in which Russell led the Celtics to an eighth consecutive title, Auerbach retired from coaching. I could hear anything, I could see anything, and nothing mattered. "[208] Years after Taylor's book, Russell published the autobiographical account Red and Me, which chronicled his lifelong friendship with Auerbach. [71] Boston won a then-record 59 regular-season games, including a then-record tying 17-game win streak. Heinsohn felt that Russell resented him because the former was named the 1957 NBA Rookie of the Year. [53], Due to his Olympic commitment, Russell could not join the Celtics for the 195657 NBA season until December. [21], Under head coach Gerald Tucker, Russell helped the U.S. national basketball team win the gold medal in Melbourne, defeating the Soviet Union national basketball team 8955 in the final game with an 80 undefeated run. In the first two games, Russell ordered his players not to double-team West, who used the freedom to score 53 and 41 points in the Game 1 and 2 Laker wins. After the next provocation, Russell pounded Felix to the point of unconsciousness, paid a modest $25 fine, and rarely was the target of cheap fouls thereafter. He was convinced that the U.S. was a corrupt nation and that he was wasting his time playing something as superficial as basketball. [50] After the Celtics' 10889 victory, Schayes, who made Johnny Kerr come off the bench because he struggled against Russell in the regular season, quipped: "How much does that guy make a year? He passed away peacefully with his wife next to him. Bill Russell, byname of William Felton Russell, (born February 12, 1934, Monroe, Louisiana, U.S.died July 31, 2022), American basketball player who was the 18 on ESPN's "50 Greatest Athletes of the 20th Century" list in 1999. [165], Of Russell, former NBA player and head coach Don Nelson said: "There are two types of superstars. Russell limited Chamberlain to only two shot attempts in the second half. [128] On November 17, the two-time NCAA champion Russell was recognized for his impact on college basketball as a member of the founding class of the National Collegiate Basketball Hall of Fame. [110][221], Russell refused to attend the ceremony when his jersey No. [220] The FBI maintained a file on Russell and described him in their file as "an arrogant Negro who won't sign autographs for white children". The Bill Russell Legacy Foundation, established by the Boston Celtics Shamrock Foundation, funded the project. 6 was retired in 1972; he also refused to attend his induction into the Hall of Fame in 1975. [56] Russell's first Celtics game came on December 22, 1956, against the St. Louis Hawks, led by star forward Bob Pettit, who would go on to hold several all-time scoring records. Following Chamberlain's death in October 1999, Russell returned to prominence at the turn of the millennium. [50] Despite this, the Celtics were leading only 9795 with 34 seconds left when Russell closed out the game with several consecutive clutch plays. The relationship between the two was tenuous at best. [51] He had the option to skip the tournament and play a full season for the Celtics, but he was determined to play in the Olympics. He last led the Sacramento Kings as president of basketball operations in the late 1980s. [193], During his career, Russell was one of the first big earners in NBA basketball. [122] Perennially wary of what he long perceived as a racist city, Russell decided to make amends and gave his approval. [195][196] For his promotion to coach, the Celtics paid Russell an annual salary of $25,000 which was in addition to his salary as a player. This was in contrast to other Celtics who had to work during the offseason to maintain their standard of living; Tom Heinsohn sold insurance, Gene Guarilia was a professional guitar player, Cousy ran a basketball camp, and Red Auerbach invested in plastics and a Chinese restaurant. He went to McClymonds High School, where he started playing basketball. Cooper, the Boston Celtics will never embarrass you.' He was selected into the NBA 25th Anniversary Team in 1971 and the NBA 35th Anniversary Team in 1980, named as one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History in 1996,[5] one of only four players to receive all three honors, and selected into the NBA 75th Anniversary Team in 2021. Throughout his career, Bill Russell won 11 NBA championship rings. Bill Russell, the greatest defensive player of all time, has a special place in the NBAs Hall of Fame. This unlikely superstar came into the NBA as a center for the Boston Celtics and played for the team for his entire 13 years of career. In the interim, Russell won an Olympic gold medal in 1956. [151] He also had 51 in one game, 49 in two others, and twelve straight seasons of 1,000 or more rebounds. [79] At that time, he became the fourth player in Celtics history to have a triple-double, joining Macauley, Cousy, and K. C. Spouse/Ex-: Dorothy Anstett (m. 19771980), Marilyn Nault (m. 19962009), Rose Swisher (m. 19561973). They were together from 1956 to 1973. [50], The Celtics lost Cousy to retirement after the 196263 NBA season, and they drafted John Havlicek and were powered by Russell, who averaged 16.8 points and 23.6 rebounds per game, won his fourth regular-season MVP award, and earned the NBA All-Star Game MVP honors at the 1963 NBA All-Star Game following his 19-point, 24-rebound performance for the Eastern Conference's All-Star team. [173] The art is by Ann Hirsch of Somerville, Massachusetts, in collaboration with Pressley Associates Landscape Architects of Boston. A the time of his death, he was [1] The Celtics won the 1966 NBA Finals and their eighth consecutive title. It was the start of an unprecedented championship run for Russell and the Celtics. With his first wife, Rose, to whom he was married for 17 years, he had three children: a daughter, Karen, and two sons, Buddha and Jacob. The crowd gave Russell a prolonged standing ovation, which brought tears to his eyes. [85] President John F. Kennedy posed for a picture with Auerbach and the nine Celtics but not Russell, who overslept because he thought it was just a tour of the White House and did not know President Kennedy would be meeting them. William Felton Russell was born on February 12th in 1934. I'm certainly going to ask Maurice Podoloff." But by his senior year, his game had picked up enough to earn him a starting spot. I averaged over 20 points and over 20 rebounds, and I was the only guy in college blocking shots. They had three children: daughter Karen Russell, a television pundit and lawyer, and sons William Jr. and Jacob. [57] Auerbach assigned him to shut down the Hawks' main scorer and Russell impressed the Boston crowd with his man-to-man defense and shot-blocking. [119] Russell also served as general manager of the SuperSonics during his coaching tenure,[120] and held the same position with the Kings during the 198889 season. A cause of death wasnt given, nor did a family statement say where he died. Asked by Russell what was wrong, his grandfather replied how proud he was of him, being coach of an organization in which blacks and whites coexisted in harmony. When he attempted to leave and find a different station, the attendant stuck a shotgun in his face and thre At age 35, Russell contributed with 6 points, 21 rebounds, and 6 assists in his last NBA game. A living, smarting, hurting, smelling, greasy substance which covered you. William Felton Russell was born on Feb. 12, 1934, in Monroe, Louisiana. 6 jersey would be retired throughout the National Basketball Association, the first time a jersey had been retired league-wide in NBA history, and joining Jackie Robinson and Wayne Gretzky in the honor among the four major American sports leagues. And so the Celticsall we looked for was: 'Can he play?' "[100][216] As a result of repeated racial bigotry, Russell refused to respond to fan acclaim or friendship from his neighbors, thinking it was insincere and hypocritical. Bill Russell died at his home in Mercer Island, Washington, on July 31, 2022. If that isn't goaltending, I want somebody to tell me what it is. [33], The games were often difficult for the USF squad, as Russell and his black teammates became targets of racist jeers, particularly on the road. [57] He also became famous for his shot-blocking skills and pundits called his blocks "Wilsonburgers", referring to the Wilson NBA basketballs he "shoved back into the faces of opposing shooters". Bills understanding of the struggle is what illuminated his life. The Celtics won Game 4 in an upset, but the Hawks prevailed in Games 5 and 6, with Pettit scoring 50 points in the deciding Game 6. [49] He was active in the Black Power movement and was among the African-American athletes and the one political leader who came together at the 1967 Cleveland Summit to support Muhammad Ali and his decision to refuse to be drafted. [5] Russell was known as one of the most clutch players in the NBA. Both Cousy and Russell called it the greatest Celtics team of all-time. [190] On October 16, 2013, Russell was arrested for bringing his registered, loaded .38-caliber Smith & Wesson handgun to the SeattleTacoma International Airport. So after the season was over, they had a Northern California banquet, and they picked another center as Player of the Year in Northern California. Over his 13 seasons in the league, the team played in 12 NBA finals, winning 11 of them. When I started to jump to make defensive plays and to block shots, I was initially corrected, but I stuck with it, and it paid off. [66] The teams split the first two games, but Russell went down with a foot injury in Game 3 and only returned for Game 6. [200][201] Russell's motto became: "If you disrespect that line, you disrespect me. Regarded as one of the best ever players in the history of the National Basketball Association (NBA), William Felton Bill Russell was a professional basketball player who was the centerpiece of the Bostons Celtics for a period of 13 years. [146] He also won two state championships in high school. [57] Russell's defense was called into question by Eddie Gottlieb, coach of the Philadelphia Warriors, after the WarriorsCeltics game on January 1, 1957, in which he recorded 17 points and 25 rebounds, plus an assist. 6 to be retired across NBA following legend's death last month", "Chat Transcript: Celtics Legend Bill Russell", "Russell 'So good, he scares you' Mikan", "Bill Russell Named Boston Celtic Coach; Basketball Star To Draw $125,001 Salary a Record for a Pro Coach or Manager He'll Take over Next Season", "Who's Better At Hoops: Bill Russell Or Frank Robinson? Bill Russell was born on 12 February 1934 in Monroe, Louisiana, U.S. After the loss, he led his grandfather through the Celtics locker rooms and the two saw the white Celtic Havlicek taking a shower next to his black teammate Sam Jones and discussing the game. [158], On August 11, 2022, it was announced that Russell's No. He helped the team win a Gold medal. [1] While his rival had a record-breaking season of 50.4 points per game, including Chamberlain's 100-point game,[68] the Celtics became the first team to win 60 games in a season and Russell was voted as the league's MVP. [142], Russell is one of the most successful and decorated athletes in North American sports history. 6 jersey was retired by the Celtics on March 12, 1972,[114] Russell had worn the same number 6 at the USF and for the 1956 U.S. Olympic team. [19], During World War II, the Second Great Migration began, as large numbers of Black people were moving to the West to look for work there. [60] Despite their different ethnic backgrounds and lack of common off-court interests, his relationship with Cousy was amicable. Bill Russell has been married on 4 different occasions but had never kept a marriage for up to 2 decades, the longest being 17 years (19561973) to a lady called His early childhood was shaped by poor health, as the sickly Russell battled several different illnesses. [68][109] The Celtics held on for a 108106 victory and Russell claimed his eleventh championship in thirteen years. [37], On the hardwood, Russell's experiences were far more pleasant. [62] In Boston, both fans and journalists felt betrayed because Russell left the Celtics without a coach and a center, and he sold his retirement story for $10,000 to Sports Illustrated. [72][73] In the 1960 NBA Finals, the Celtics outlasted the Hawks 43 in the series and won their third championship in four years. DeJulio was unimpressed by Russell's meager scoring and "atrocious fundamentals",[29] but he sensed that the young Russell had an extraordinary instinct for the game, especially in the clutch. [41], In his career, Russell won five NBA MVP awards (1959, 196163, 1965),[5] which is tied with Michael Jordan for second all-time behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's six awards, and is at No. [95] In Game 5, Russell contributed with 12 points, 28 rebounds, and 7 assists, plus 10 blocks and 6 steals; blocks and steals became officially recorded statistics in the 197374 NBA season. His amazing performance continued in the 1958-59 season where he averaged 16.7 points per game and 23.0 rebounds per game. [5], On February 5, 1960, Russell had 23 points, 51 rebounds, and 5 assists in a 124100 win over the Syracuse Nationals. [44] Like fellow world-class high-jumpers of that era, Russell did not use the Fosbury Flop technique with which all high jump world records after 1978 have been set. He was 88 years old. Jones treated like 'Rock' stars at Alcatraz", "Bill Russell, Who Transformed Pro Basketball, Dies at 88", "Bill Russell Receives Arthur Ashe Courage Award At ESPYS", "Watch Bill Russell be inducted into Hall of Fame as a coach", "Bill Russell's No. He was 88 years old. In Game 6, Russell recorded his first career triple-double with 19 points, 24 rebounds, and 10 assists as the Celtics won 119105. [1] Boston defeated the Cincinnati Royals 41 to earn another NBA Finals appearance and then won against Chamberlain's newly relocated San Francisco Warriors 41. Bill Russell never ceases to amaze me. [102] Russell acknowledged the first real loss of his career, as he had been injured when the Celtics lost the 1958 NBA Finals, by visiting Chamberlain in the locker room, shaking his hand, and saying: "Great. [5] He was also known as a fine passer and pick-and-roll setter, featured a decent left-handed hook shot, and finished strong on alley oops. 6 jersey across the entire league. In addition, Auerbach had already used his NBA territorial pick to acquire talented forward Tom Heinsohn. [210], Chamberlain's knee was injured so badly that he could not play the entire offseason and he ruptured it the next season. "[5] The Sixers outpaced the Celtics when they shredded the famed Boston defense by scoring 140 points in the clinching Game 5 win. He was married four times and had three children. Avery Brundage, head of the International Olympic Committee, argued that Russell had already signed a professional sport contract and was no longer an amateur sportsman, but Russell prevailed. [28], Russell was ignored by college recruiters and received not one offer until recruiter Hal DeJulio from the University of San Francisco (USF) watched him play in a high school game. This was the first time in seven years that he failed to average at least 23 rebounds a game. Following the 1969 season, Russell retired from the game. [13], Russell played in the wake of black pioneers Earl Lloyd, Chuck Cooper, and Sweetwater Clifton, and he was the first black player to achieve superstar status in the NBA. [178], On August 2, 2020, the West Coast Conference (WCC), which has been home to Russell's alma mater of USF since the league's formation in 1952,[179][a] became the first NCAA Division I conference to adopt a conference-wide diversity hiring commitment, announcing the Russell Rule, named after Russell and based on the National Football League's Rooney Rule. My wife and Russell's laugh. I could always be myself with them and they were always there for me. Russell, who was sensitive to any racial prejudice, was enraged by the fact that owner Abe Saperstein would only discuss the matter with Woolpert. The game featured Shane Battier, LeBron James, Magic Johnson, Maya Moore, Alonzo Mourning, Joakim Noah, Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, and Obama's friends from high school. [213] He was often called Felton X, presumably in the tradition of the Nation of Islam's practice of replacing a European slave name with an X and purchased land in Liberia. [59], At that time, Russell received much negative publicity as a player. Two years later, the couple welcomed a second son, [50], Russell was considered the consummate defensive center, noted for his defensive intensity, basketball IQ, and will to win. [69] The matchup between Russell and Chamberlain became one of basketball's greatest rivalries. [99] His second choice was Cousy, who declined the invitation, stating that he did not want to coach his former teammates. [6][7][8][9] Standing at 6ft 10in (2.08m) tall, with a 7ft 4in (2.24m) arm span,[10][11] his shot-blocking and man-to-man defense were major reasons for the Celtics' dominance during his career. In his first NBA playoff game against the Syracuse Nationals in 1957, he finished with 16 points and 31 rebounds along with 7 blocks. [108] Russell then reversed himself and ordered his team to double-team West and Boston won Game 3. [188], In 1959, Russell became the first NBA player to visit Africa. "[214] Describing the Celtics organization, as distinguished from Boston sports fans in the 1950s and 1960s, as very progressive racially, Russell recalled in 2010 a list of the organization's accomplishments on racial progress both in terms of objective milestones and his own subjective experience as a member of the organization. [54] His former USF and future Celtics teammate K. C. Jones joined him on the Olympic squad and contributed 10.9 points per game,[55] including a RussellJones combined 29 points in the finals. Born In: Monroe, Louisiana, United States. Born to William Bill Russell and his college sweetheart Rose Swisher a year into their marriage (December 9, 1956) on November 2, 1957, William Bill Felton "[208] To teammates and friends, Russell was open and amicable; he was extremely distrusting and cold towards anyone else. The first [NBA organization] to hire a black [head] coach was the Boston Celtics, and they've had at least five [black head-coaches] over the years. [187] His older brother was the noted playwright Charlie L. He still holds the NBA record for rebounds in one half with 32 (vs. Philadelphia, November 16, 1957). "[22], During his early years, Russell struggled to develop his skills as a basketball player. Like almost all Southern towns and cities of that time, Monroe was very segregated and the Russells often struggled with racism in their daily lives. It covered every area. He won five regular season MVP awards and was selected three times to the all-NBA First Teams. [38] He became known for his strong defense and shot-blocking skills, once denying 13 shots in a game. It was one cold day of 1934 and the month of love when Bill was born. teamsters local 399 initiation fee,

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